Free Evaluation

How Free Evaluation works

Free Evaluation is based on real data, retrieved from multiple sources, each of which provides peculiarities and potential to the software: from the ads placed and evaluated by real estate agents, to the actual guaranteed sales.

Obviously the whole context of your property counts: every accessory that your property will or will not have will affect its final price: imagine you have a property on the top floor of a building without a lift or a villa with a garden, garage, cellar and tavern.

Everything is cataloged in a system that guarantees an in-depth statistical analysis based on the geographical context in which it is located. The final report that the agency will provide you will be able to accurately calculate the value of your property, thus defining the right value with which to go and sell your property. Click HERE to get started.

How to use it

Once the necessary values ​​of the property to be analyzed have been entered in the appropriate form, and its area has been located, the software will automatically compare all the consistent ads and provide its own evaluation.
You will be asked for a name and surname and an email in order to send you the evaluation by email which will be FREE. Click HERE to get started.

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