Sales services

Selling a property is the end of a shared path that sees the real estate agent beside the customer, a path that can be synthesized in different phases.


First sale phase

Careful evaluation of your property, with the formulation of the most likely selling price and the most appropriate price for the advertising proposal.

Real estate advertising.

Adequate and truthful photo service.


Second sale phase

Promoting the property on internet or web-marketing channels, managing our blogs, indexing with google adwords, training and managing landlord-specific property.

Meet the demands of customer in our data base and in the management of our Network of Professional Agencies ""


Third sale phase

Cadastral Check.

Free assistance through Auxilia Finance officials for mortgages and / or financing in general.

Preparation and management of proposals for the purchase, preparation and registration of preliminary contracts.

Permanent Assistance up to Notary Deed.

"A journey that always sees the needs of the customer at the center."

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